A properly fitted bike is an extension of you as a rider. We have years of experience fitting world champions, beginners & everyone in between.

How It Works

Our goal is to determine what has worked with your current set-up and what hasn’t, what injuries you have sustained, and where your essential fit challenges reside. Using a proprietary mix of traditional fitting techniques; modern skeletal, flexibility and muscle length assessments; and cutting edge high speed video analysis of your riding and pedal technique, we match you to your specific bike and dial you in to the millimeter.

Developed by renowned bike fitter Mike Sherry, the Bikeriders fitting solution is a unique blend of scientific research, training and riding experience. It is based on individual anatomy and one-on-one assessment – not a formula solution.

A total fitting runs approximately 2 hours – conducted at our headquarters or in the convenience of your own home – and addresses athlete history, skeletal measurement, and PT analysis (including foot design and pronation). Based on a fitting, we set cycling shoes in terms of cleat placement, q-factor, forefoot reinforcement, and footbeds if necessary, culminating in the most advanced and effective platform to maximize the remainder of your fit.

Then it’s on to the bike. Using high speed video, we break down your pedal stroke in slow motion for measurement analysis of joint angle and isolated leverage points, resulting in a balanced, neutralized skeleton on the bike that promotes safe and efficient riding. The video also serves for improvement comparisons: via real-time video feedback, a cyclist has the necessary visual aids to implement superior position and pedal technique on their own.

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