Concierge Services

Gruppo Stelvio Bicycle Concierge by BIKERIDERS offers premiere Concierge Service to keep your body and bike well-oiled machines.

Designed with your time and rigorous schedule in mind, our mechanical service department comes to you. If you require a new part, simply purchase via our shop and then schedule your desired installation time.

A property manager or doorman can facilitate the bike exchange, and we’ll make the mechanical adjustments you need on site, in our truck outside, or at our Service Course. Schedule regular calendar visits for cleaning and maintenance services via our website to guarantee your priority.

A smart, efficient professional crew of elite and former pro cyclists who treat clients as fellow teammates. Gruppo Stelvio shares a passion for the sport of cycling, with a dose of humor and European spirit to boot.

We simplify the sport of cycling so that you can spend your time where it matters most: on two wheels.