Sell Your Stuff

We have 10 years of eBay experience

– More than 8000 (primarily cycling) items sold
– ‘Power Seller’ ebay status and a high ratings history

We do all of the work for you.

– Simply drop off your items to be sold
– We handle the photography, listing and shipment of the sale

Enjoy lower selling fees.

– Because we do higher volume sales, we’re entitled discounts on all eBay fees
– Amounts to 50% savings on average
– Significant savings on higher value items

Receive Security and follow up

– You don’t need to worry about fraudulent buyers, canceled payments or bounced checks
– We can recognize and manage potentially fraudulent buyers. If for some reason we don’t catch the fraudulent buyer, it won’t cost you anything. We will assume responsibility for the transaction.

Get automatic lost/damaged items

– If your item gets lost or damaged in shipping, you won’t have to worry about refunding the buyer because we handle the claims process
-No handling Refunds & partial refunds
– If a buyer is for some reason unsatisfied with their purchase and demands a partial or full refund, we handle the refund process and at no loss to you.



Stelvio accepts 30% of the final sale less all transaction fees below. We accept no less than $25 per item.


-An eBay Listing Fee varies according to the number of photos posted, the type of auction and other eBay listing options. The listing cost starts at only $0.10 per item and rarely exceed $3.00 per item.


-The eBay Final Value Fee varies slightly, but is on average 9.6% of the final bid amount for your item.

Paypal FEE

-PayPal is an online money transfer service and over 99% of eBay buyers will choose it as their form of payment.

-We are obligated to offer this form of payment.

-PayPal fees vary according to international transactions, credit card, balance transaction, etc., but amount to 2.7% on average.


-Once we list the item we will provide you with the auction number so you can track the progress. When the sale is complete, we will provide a clear and concise breakdown of all the fees and the final payment amount you will receive.

Gruppo Stelvio has the right to refuse items from prospective third party sellers.
Gruppo Stelvio reserves the right to refuse any ebay purchase offer that is grossly under market value.