Mike Sherry

1382900_10153328812495725_1217268235_nFounder of BIKERIDERS, the precursor to Gruppo Stelvio, Mike Sherry brings over 2 decades of endurance sport experience to the fitting and coaching business. Beginning his career in athletics as a swimmer, Mike moved on to MTB and Triathlon in the ‘90s before ultimately focusing his work on Road Racing and Cyclocross. His extensive experience in so many of the cycling disciplines inspired his renowned fitting system and a loyal following.

In 2005, Mike partnered with Performance Labs HC, a high-end training and biomechanics service, where he served as its New York Director for 6 years, working exclusively on performance systems as a master bike fitter. During his time at PLHC, he also founded and managed Sherry Sports Mgmt Inc, operating the Empire Cycling, AXA Equitable Cycling, and Stan’s NoTubes / AXA Equitable Cycling teams from 2006 to 2012. The programs garnered high-profile professional victories, national titles, and helped to develop the next generation of talented young riders.

Mike continues his role as master bike fitter with Fittings at Gruppo Stelvio by BIKERIDERS, the premium one stop shop for cycling, providing customized bike fitting, testing, maintenance, repairs and one-on-one care in the convenience of customer’s homes. When he’s not on two wheels, Mike can be found playing music and enjoying New York with his two young children and wife Angela.