Training Camps | Cycling Tours | Corporate Client Engagements

Our all inclusive programs are tailored at your request. The camps, tours and corporate events are designed for cyclists who want to enjoy superior food, scenery and accommodations. All programs include follow vehicles, pro-mechanics and support inventory so you can focus on the experience. Below is a 2-day sample itinerary for a Cycling Camp:


Morning airport pick up
12pm Lunch while bikes are built
1pm Post flight spin
3pm Testing and prescheduled fitting sessions
5pm Flush massage
7pm Dinner


7am Breakfast
8am Rider briefing, mechanical servicing
9am-3:30pm Training ride with mid-ride lunch
4pm Recovery meal, massages, mechanical services drop off
6:30pm Dinner
8-9pm Training and racing discussion

Our tours and corporate client engagements, however, are more nuanced travel experiences where riding meets personal and/or professional pleasure. These programs are tailored to the level of riders participating, and include gourmet lunches, dinners and vineyard tours. Ride to eat, if you will! Tours run from 2-4 days, and are frequently coordinated by companies as part of a conference or as an off-site team building exercise in and of itself. We can customize the tours according to your group’s needs, interests and business agenda. Our packages include pickup and packing of your bicycle before and after your trip. Below is a 2-day sample itinerary for a corporate client tour:

Day 1

Morning flights and airport pick ups
12pm Lunch and rider briefing
1pm-5pm Ride 50-60 miles
6pm Cocktail hour and/or presentations related to business
7pm Dinner

Day 2

7am Breakfast and morning discussions related to business 8:30am-11am Ride
12 Lunch while bikes are packed
2pm Airport drop offs

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